Piss & Vinegar

Published March 5, 2020

When the twenty-three Altoonian spaceships arrive at Earth, they not only shatter the shaky peace of the place, they thrust Vice President James Fenimore Hunter into a role he may not be ready for. While the aliens keep saying they’ve come in peace, the real reasons and the real costs are more than the vice president can ignore. Unfortunately, in his bungling attempts to stop this absurd madness, he unwittingly makes the most foolish decisions and chooses the worst allies, and thereby becomes the unwitting agent of the apocalypse. But he needs to make things right…or die trying.

Here is an awesome review of Piss & Vinegar we found on Amazon(https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085HSDC2D):

“As much as I loved this wild tale, the background information on the author is just as amazing. For the details on how this story came to be, I suggest you first go to the end of the book and read the few pages,about our author Sam Sumac.

Then having digested that background, get ready to delve into his mind and discover perhaps one of the most brilliant Sci-Fi epics ever penned.

If aliens landed would it be like Close Encounters of the Third Kind or War of the Worlds? Perhaps a hybrid of Independence Day with a smidgen of The Twilight Zone? This story rips apart the normal constraints of an invasion and puts a new spin on how the aftermath finally plays itself out.

Keep in mind the genesis of this story and how it came into being to fully appreciate the talent and hard work that ‘found’ this work of genius.”

Eddie D.