Who Drew the Short Straw?

In this Sam Sumac creation, Indiana insurance salesman Morton Richardson erroneously feels like his manhood has been slighted by his wife Eve. Enraged, he decides to punish her and all of mankind for this unforgivable indictment. With the help of an eccentric billionaire, a loser from Vincennes, two psychic mediums having a timeless feud, and a possessed graduate student from Boston, a plan is put into motion to invite a group of destructive aliens back to Earth. This involves rebuilding a new beacon – a new and improved Stonehenge – to send out a galactic calling card for their return. What nobody realizes, however, is that everyone involved with this whole plan has their own agenda, and these are not at all synchronized. In the end, the main actors become mere pawns in a series of separate and concurrent chess matches happening simultaneously. No one will get what they wanted…well, one group working from the shadows will. But, by then, it’ll be too late to fix everything.