A No-Win Situation

In this Sam Sumac creation, when Indiana insurance salesman Morton Kandisky erroneously feels like his manhood has been slighted by his wife Grace, he decides to punish her and all of mankind by inviting back to Earth a group of destructive aliens he has become obsessed with. His plan involves rebuilding another Stonehenge at the same latitude, yet closer to home, to send out a galactic calling card for their return. His rage is such that he doesn’t care about the outcome of his actions, as long as the world and his wife pay for their sins. Unwittingly, however, Morton doesn’t realize that the aliens he’s calling are not only in the midst of their own strife within their own culture, but are being pursued from their home world by the most ruthless of enemies. Also, he is completely unaware of his own role in the plot of two competing time-less psychic mediums who have been bouncing through the ages in an attempt to get a leg up on the competition. It turns out that Morton Kadisky is a mere pawn in a bigger chess match. The jaw-dropping finale will make your hair turn snow white!