Sam Sumac Association

We are an association made up entirely of fans of Sam Sumac, and we are actively engaged in the process of preserving, publishing and promoting the writings of this mysterious American science fiction writer. While he might have vanished in the 1980’s, leaving behind only the pages of his unorganized, handwritten manuscripts, it is the goal of this association to compile these into books and share them with the whole world.

There are more questions than answers when it comes to the figure of Sam Sumac, but there can be no question about the incredible science fiction stories we have begun to transcribe. No, these works speak of a brilliance that was as fleeting as a comet streaking across the nigthttime sky. We fully believe that, if you take to time savor the words of this master, you will be hooked, too. So, sit back and enjoy the magic of Sam Sumac.

Future Sam Sumac Museum Location

The Building the Sam Sumac Association is currently in negotiations for purchasing to renovate into the Sam Sumac Museum. Anticipated opening is currently scheduled for 2022.
funds raised toward goal of the purchase of the sought property
Artist rendering of the new front entrance space of the sam sumac museum
current money raised for the renovation and opening of the sam sumac museum.

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P.O. Box 101
Peaks Island, Maine 04108

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