Membership is the heart and soul of every organization. By becoming a member, an individual not only joins like-minded others in pursuing a common goal, they help finance that pursuit. The Sam Sumac Association’s goal is to preserve the man’s writings and, hopefully, one day open a museum dedicated to Sam Sumac. Both endeavors take money. To attempt to get all the pages of handwritten text organized and transcribed, the Sam Sumac Association is going to have to hire a team of administrative assistants and stenographers. Likewise, purchasing and renovating any structure for a brick and mortar museum will require funds. Membership helps us with this.

In an attempt to build up membership levels, all membership dues of $5 will be waived for all of 2020. For this year, and this year alone, membership in the Sam Sumac Association will be zero – free to all. With a burgeoning fan base and saturated membership, the future of the Sam Sumac Association will be quite bright. Also, we will be closer to reaching our goals as an association bent on preserving and publishing the works of the science writer, Sam Sumac.

Purposeful memberships in different institutions should have perks, and we are no different. With a membership in the Sam Sumac Association, you will receive:

The membership card of the Sam Sumac Association is not only an aesthetic beauty that will enhance any wallet it resides in, it also gets the bearer into a host of participating cultural venues for FREE. The list includes:

The national Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

The National Gallery, London, England

Museo Nacional de Prado, Madrid, Spain

The National Museum of the American indian, Washington, DC

Berardo Collection Museum, Lisbon, portugal

Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France

the national gallery of art, washington, dc

National Museum of China, Beijing, China

Nicholson Museum, Sydney, australia

Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA

National Museum of Korea, Seoul, south Korea

National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

Museu Afro Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tate Britain, London, england

National museum of american history, washington, dc

and many others…..